Real Wealth Is Free, Not a Lottery!

The Master’s Minute “Real Wealth Is Free, Not a Lottery” 10/5/15 Welcome to the Master’s Minute! Often we have stood in line while our neighbors purchase a lottery ticket – a “chance” at becoming rich! I wish they would stand in line to hear the free and certain riches of heaven! The invitation spoken by […]

How to Gain the Victory

The Master’s Minute “How to Gain The Victory” 9/21/15 Welcome to the Master’s Minute! The greeting card read “Thanks be to God, Who gives us the Victory!” This happy sentence from 1 Corinthians 15 was printed over a picture of colorful flowers by a peaceful sea coast. But the most important part of the sentence […]

Standing on the Promises

Welcome to the Master’s Minute! It has been said that “a lot of church members who sing ‘Standing on the Promises’ are just sitting on the premises.”  It is hoped that this pithy saying will shame the lazy Christian into being more active in the congregation.  We want to give these words a more positive, […]

Salvation is in the Details

Welcome to the Master’s Minute! Albert Einstein is supposed to have said: “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.”  Einstein questioned the “details” of the Genesis record of creation as well as what God’s Son did for man’s salvation. I’ve also heard church-going people say; “It isn’t necessary to believe that Jesus […]