God’s Promise Kept, Volume II

These writings show how the promise of God made in the Garden of Eden is kept. Many of the trials and struggles are described in every- day language so that the reader feels part of this marvelous working of God throughout. Written for the layman (as all of my writing are) many have been moved […] Read More

Ways to Grow

The devotions in “Ways to Grow” are designed to start a conversation with you and the kids. I’ve used this book for our day school opening devotions (we’re small, so a conversation is possible) and thoroughly enjoyed the result. Kids liked being able to pick the next one. Read More

Together With Jesus

There is a devotion for each day of the year (including February 29). Each devotion begins with an interesting anecdote from daily life, and then presents Law and Gospel in a Scriptural and effective manner. My wife and I have been using these two books for many years! Read More

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

This is an excellent children’s devotional. It is not written by a Lutheran, but rather (I believe) a conservative Presbyterian. It has very short devotionals focusing on child’s relationship with God and Jesus. It has delightful pictures drawn by a London-based artist by the name of Jago. I have given this to my grandchildren and […] Read More

Sheep and Shepherds

About every day Christian life with all of the blessings of the Christian’s life and living in this world of sin. I used to raise sheep before I went to school and became a Pastor. The many references to sheep and shepherds in the Bible are woven into this volume together with the practical work […] Read More

One Thing Needful

If you haven’t read his material before, you’re in for a real treat. His devotions clearly help the reader navigate through life’s crazy, winding road. They are written by a man who has been shaped by the Word of God as he has encountered his own hurdles through life. Top notch devotions for our people! Read More

On Wings of Eagles

This devotional is rather unique. It is primarily a devotional book of poetry. Each poem is introduced with a Bible verse and very brief exposition of that verse leading up to the poem. The author had experienced a number of striking difficulties in life and his poem reflect those difficulties within the framework of a […] Read More