Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible

We finally ended up with an old Bible story book, “Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible,” which my mother recommended. She said it was their Bible history book in her ELS school growing up. It’s great. It sticks pretty strictly to the stories themselves, with little or no commentary. It has 168 stories, but most of […] Read More

God’s Promises Kept, Volume I

These writings show how the promise of God made in the Garden of Eden is kept. Many of the trials and struggles are described in every- day language so that the reader feels part of this marvelous working of God throughout. Written for the layman (as all of my writing are) many have been moved […] Read More

Beside Quiet Waters

There is a devotion for each day of the year (including February 29). Each devotion begins with an interesting anecdote from daily life, and then presents Law and Gospel in a Scriptural and effective manner. My wife and I have been using these two books for many years! Read More

Be Near Me Lord Jesus

Lauersdorf has a very nice style. He does an excellent job of focusing on the text, while being very careful to always bring in Law and Gospel, with heavy emphasis on the Gospel. This particular book is an Advent/Christmas devotional. Read More

At Home with Jesus

We enjoyed this book very much when our children were younger. It’s written for families with children between the ages of 5 through 13. The author does a great job of bringing God’s Word into everyday family life. Law and Gospel application are very good. It’s an NPH publication. I am not sure if it’s […] Read More